Skin + Bones Studio





SKIN+BONES STUDIO is a Toronto-based furniture and accessories design company specializing in ostrich skin-clad pieces.  Established in 2016, our one-of-a-kind pieces have quickly found popularity among leading US designers and design retailers.  Each piece is a result of a careful collaboration our clients.  The carpentry and cladding is hand crafted in South Africa.  We use only ethically sourced skins and work with companies with Black Empowerment accreditation.

We are a partnership of two design-oriented businesswomen.  Although our careers to date couldn’t be more different - a natural-born entrepreneur and a marketing corporate-type, we are united by a sense of commitment to the business and a sense of humour.


Denise Zidel

Born in South Africa, I have always been inspired by the way texture and colour can truly beautify and elevate a space. I embrace bold and beautiful colours in my décor choices.  I bring a very creative and entrepreneurial spirit to the business along with my extensive African resources.  My design inspirations are Greenmarket Square Craft market in Cape Town and Kelly Wearstler.


Carainn Buchalter

My birthplace and design aesthetic are European- I gravitate to an understated and clean look.  I’m commitment phobic around colour – and I have never met a neutral that I haven’t loved.   My career background is fashion and lifestyle marketing and store design for large chain retailers.   My happy place is Porte Clingnancourt Flea Market outside Paris and my hometown of Dublin